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From History to Mystery – A Solstice Stonehenge Walk

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Stonehenge  Podcast  British History Podcast

For our Stonehenge podcast we are the monument for the winter solstice. Walking the ancient pathway from Durrington Walls, to the celebrated stones.

Our journey, brings together the archaeology, history, and mysteries of Britain’s favourite ancient monument.

We investigate the origins of Stonehenge’s little-known neighbouring sister Woodhenge - was it once the location of the largest “city” in the world?

Our Stonehenge podcast uncovers the legend of the Cuckoo Stone what is this strange fallen monolith, isolated in the landscape? A tomb, a pathway to the underworld.

Find out how – 4,500 years ago - the first stones at the henge were dragged 180 miles from Wales.

And what about the round barrow mounds that surround the henge. Who was buried inside these ancient graves?

We tell the story of how the first metalworker in Britain came to be buried near the henge. Is he the best known man in Bronze Age Britain?

Stonehenge Podcast   British History Podcast
Druids at Stonehenge

Together, presenters Richard Madden and Marc Zakian dowse the mysterious lay lines that run under the great monument, and explain how anyone can experiment with this extraordinary and unexplained force.

We try to find out if the initials of Britain’s most famous architect inscribed into the monument.

We hear about the people who made stonehenge. Who were they, how did they live?

And look at the many and strange Stonehenge tributes that have been build across the world.

As dusk falls, we wait with the druids, wiccans and witches to celebrate the winter solstice.

Listen to our British history podcast here:

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