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Pub Names, Ghosts and Flying Ale - Strange Stories of Beer . Pt 2

Updated: Feb 1

Another round in our investigation of the history of beer

History of Beer Podcast  History Podcast

We go back to Roman Britain, to hear about the first known tavern in Britain.  What symbol did they hang outside to tempt in drinkers?

King Richard II passed an act making it compulsory to for brewers to hang out a sign. These symbols gave birth to modern pub names: from the White Hart to The Crossed Keys – but what is the most popular pub name in England, and whose symbol is it? And what is the funniest pub name?

The Eagle Pub  History of Beer Podcast
The Eagle Pub Islington

How did a group of brewers take over parliament?   And which beer maker became one of the wealthiest men in Britain?

What are the boozy origins of the nursery rhyme “Pop Goes the Weasel”?  What was tuppeny rice? And which pub does it refer to?

The Victorian tea total movement was so powerfull, that they ran football clubs,  travel agents, and hotels. 

Is the Old Trip to Jerusalem really the oldest pub in Britain? We take on the thorny question and try to find the answer.

History of Beer Podcast
Horseshoe Brewery

Hear the story of the London Beer Flood of 1814 – when the giant casket broke in Horseshoe Brewery and a tsunami of ale swept away a whole neigbourhood.

Hear about the most haunted pub in Britain? Disocver how World War II Spitfire pilots transport beer from England to France?

We started our investigation of beer in part one of our podcast, here is the next round.

Listen here:

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