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Cats in World War II - a Podcat Special

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A special British history podcast telling the stories of cats and their owners during WW2.

British History Podcast  Cats in war

We use newsreel, newspaper clips and dramatised testimony from people who lived through the conflict for our Cats in our World War II special.

Our podcast brings to life the stories of beloved animals and their owners during the dark days of the war.

cats in war podcast  british history podcast

From air raid kennels to animal gas masks, from cats in the trenches to pussies escaping bomb sites, from a cat who lost his tail – and lived to tell the tale - to Andrew the miracle cat who warned owners about flying bombs. Hear about Blakey who hid in a chimney - we follow the stories of these wartime pussies.

Cats in war podcast  british history podcast
Faith the Church Cat

Hear the moving story of Faith, the tabby who turned up at St Augustines church in the City of London befriending the vicar and congregation. Faith and kitten Panda hid in the basement of the church during a bombing raid - and it seemed that they were lost. But the vicar was determined to try and save his beloved cats.

Listen to our cats in World War II podcast here:

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