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Podcat – a History of Cats Podcast

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

We have been living with cats for thousands of years. This fun British history podcast tells the story of our feline friends: from ancient Egyptian moggies to famous Downing Street political pussies.

We start our story in the British Museum, with London’s oldest cat - this two-thousand-year-old moggie resides alongside thousands of mummies. How did he get there? And why was he preserved for eternity?

Lions in the Tower of London    British History Podcast

George the Lion lived in the Tower of London. He was part of one of the most extraordinary royal menageries in the world.

Lions first arrived in the Tower 800 years ago, and hundreds of tourists came to see them. But one woman’s visit ended very badly.

The story of Dick Whittinton’s cat is a London legend. The medieval moggie made his master rich by taking a sea voyage. Dick’s cat appears on stage around Britain every Christmas - in one of the most beloved pantomimes in the world.

Hodge the cat lived just off Fleet Street, with his master Dr Johnson who created the first great English dictionary. Hodge is commemorated with a much-visited statue.

Cat Podcast  - British History Podcast
Sea Cat Simon

Only one cat has ever won the Diken medal - awarded to animals that have displayed gallantry or devotion to duty while serving with the Armed Forces. Hear Seacat Simon's heroic adventures in this British history podcast.

There have been cats living at Number 10 Downing Street for 100 years. Listen to their stories in our history of cats podcast: from Winston Churchill’s Munich Mouser, to the legendary Larry.

Listen here:

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