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Men's Fashion Podcast Part 2. From Teddy Boys to Tudors

Updated: Mar 29

In part two of this podcast we look at men’s fashion from the 1500s to the 1970s.

If you are interested in men's fashion, and the history of menswear, this is the podcast for you.

Find out why, during the Tudor era, a London man was sent to prison for wearing the wrong trousers.

And in Cambridge, a don was jailed or wearing a taffeta doublet under his gown.

Sumtpuary laws could be very strict - Queen Elizabeth I wanted to control what clothes people wore.

Discover how London's Piccadilly got its name. And why Puritan Philip Stubbs was furious about the size of the neck ruffs people were wearing during the 1500s.

We go to fashionable St James to uncover the origins of the bowler hat. Who made the first one, and why? And who was Mr Bowler that gave the hat its name.

Hear about the Top Hat riots of 1797 - when children screamed and

dogs barked at the site of the inventor of the top hat.

And find out about the oldest hat shop in the world, who made hats for Oscar Wilde and Admiral Nelson.

We hear how the hat makers of London were suffering from strange ailments. And tell you about origins of the phrase: Mad Hattter.

Discover the origins of the strange way we measure shoe sizes? How large is the oldest shoe in Britain.

Find out why Northampton is the most important town for shoes, in the world.

And discover which item of clothing was invented by Winston Churchill.

We tell the story of Teddy Boy fashions. What kind of clothes did they wear.

And hear about the styles of The Mods and hippies of swinging 1960s London

We end with the story of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's 1970's punk rock stylings, that changed fashion for ever.

This is part 2 of our men's fashion series, listen to part 1 here

Listen to the podcast here:

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