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History of Men‘s Fashion - From the Codpiece to the Three Piece

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

This history podcast is part one of our story of men's fashion.

In this British history podcast Marc and Antony investigate 800 years of menswear - from medieval to today.

Why did priests try to ban the button?

Why did King Edward IV outlaw pointy shoes?

british history podcast  men's fashion podcast
Henry VIII armour

We visit the Tower of London to hear the saucy story of King Henry VIII’s codpiece. Why were Tudor women trying to touch the king's great piece. What magic could it bestow upon them?

Hear about Cordwainer’s Street, once the home of London’s shoemakers.

We feature Stories from the most famous menswear street in Britain: Savile Row - which has tailored David Beckham, the Beatles and Elton John, and stitched Michael Jackson’s famous military jacket.

This is a podcast series on men's fashion. Listen to part 2 here.

Listen to our history podcast about men's fashion here:

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