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Talking Heads - What Happened to Executed Heads

Updated: Feb 15

This podcast explores extraordinary stories about heads without bodies.

Discover the gruesome truth about Anglo-Saxon border markers.

Find out which King of England was sewn back together after his execution.

What happened when a York gladiator was bitten by a lion?

Which Elizabethan courtier’s body part ended up in a cupboard?

What terrible sight once greeted people entering the City of London?

What horror washed up in the River Thames in Barnes?

There are stories of lots of well known people who met grusome ends in this pod: Henry VIII's one time friend Thomas More; Queen Elizabeth I'st beloved courtier Sir Walter Raleigh; King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell. Hear about thier grusome decapitated bonces in this podcast.

Everything you wanted to know about executed heads in this history podcast:

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