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The River Lea - London's East End River

Updated: Sep 5

The first in our walks podcasts features the River Lea in East London.

Marc Z and Mr Londoner walk the lower section of the Lea.

To bring you stories of the origins of India Pale Ale – the famous IPA beer.

Hear about Eton Manor Boys Club. Founded in 1909 by four Old Etonian philanthropists to provide activities for the poor lads of Hackney Wick - it became an East End sporting empire.

We recount the terrifying tale of the St Paul’s bomb, a huge WW2 incendiary taken though the streets of London and exploded on Hackney Marshes.

And what about the time when Lionel Messi played at the marshes.

Hear the secrets of the WW2 bunkers on the Olympic Park.

And what about the largest bell in the world - why is it never rung?

The podcast takes us to the oldest tidal mill in history.

And reveals how East End gas once lit up West End theatres.

Find out if there are any poplars left in Poplar, and hear about a 1960s American diner and floating lighthouse turned recording studio.

All that in this fascinating podcast:

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